What Is Mobile Check Deposit? Mobile Bank Deposit

Everyday tasks can be completed anywhere and your banking needs aren’t any different. Although Direct deposit may be the most frequent option for the majority of checks you get, occasionally you’ll still have to send an actual check into your bank. It is good news that there is an alternative to do this without leaving your house.

What Is Mobile Check Deposit?

With mobile check deposit, you can deposit your check in your bank account using the camera on your mobile device .You don’t have to go to the bank or locate an ATM to make a deposit on an actual check. You can get more from your money You can choose a high-interest savings or checking account, CD, or investment account from our top banks to save today. Mobile check deposit is available with a variety of checks, such as: Checks for cashier business checks Government issued checks Personal checks Stimulus check

How Mobile Check Depositing Works

The way that mobile check depositing functions is making use of advanced technologies for remote deposits via the banking app you prefer. It is generally a matter of taking a photograph of the front of the check as well as a photograph of the back of the check after you’ve signed intend then scanning the check for transfer to your bank account. For the first time ensure that you’ve installed the mobile application of your bank and have logged into your account.

How To Use Mobile Check Deposit

This is a step-by-step procedure for a typical mobile-check deposit process: Accept the check’s back just like you would for any other deposit. Log into your banking application using your smartphone and sign into your account. Select the deposit check option from the menu. Select the account in which you would like to deposit your check. Enter the amount of the check when you are asked. Take a photograph on the reverse of your check. Take a photo of the back of the check. Check and ensure that the details of your deposit are accurate. Hit submit to make your payment.

How Long Do Mobile Check Deposits Take?

On average mobile check deposits can be deposited into your bank account within two working days. The timeframe will depend on the bank you’re employing and also the sum you’re depositing. Partially-funded funds may be available prior to the full amount the majority of banks let you access about $200 of the amount on your check on the day following the day you have made the deposit. For instance, if you deposit a check through your mobile device for $1,000, you’d be able to access 200 of it on the following business day, and the remainder of $800 will be made available to you in two business days following the initial deposit on your mobile. Although the entire amount of checks should be available after two working days. However, there can be some delays due to these reasons the check you’re depositing has a substantial amount. The bank has the belief that the check won’t be paid. There is a track record on your account of unpaid checks. Your account shows frequent overdrafts.

Mobile Check Deposit: Pros and Cons Pros Cons

  • You can deposit checks from anywhere.
  • Similar level of security to depositing checks in the branch
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use.


  • You’ll need to secure the physical check until deposit have been made
  • Dependent on Wi-Fi
  • Checks should be signed by the bank

What Banks Have Mobile Check Deposit? Although most banks provide the option of an online check deposit service If you’re not sure if that your bank offers this service You can reach its customer service via its website or phone the branch nearest to you. The majority of large banks and financial institutions offer mobile apps that include the ability to deposit checks from mobile devices therefore this option is likely to be available for you. Here are a few examples of banks that offer this feature:

Final Take: Mobile Check Deposit

It is easy to deposit checks through mobile devices however, it’s beneficial to be sure that it’s secure. If you deposit your check through an app for banking, you’re generally secured by the same degree of security you would have when you deposit a check in the brick-and-mortar branch however, the security is at the bank’s side, but you must still adhere to internet security. Make note of any limitations the bank might have and make sure to keep the original check until the transfer is completed.


Are mobile checks deposited immediately?

 It’s not the norm – generally, banks will take two working days to deposit the money into the account. However, they typically offer $200 of the check amount on the next day of business, which means you’ll be able to access the money earlier.

What exactly is a mobile-check deposit function?

Mobile check deposit is done with the help of the camera on your phone or other mobile device to scan the check and transfer it to your account to deposit. 

What apps do you need to use to deposit a mobile check?

   It is possible to deposit the check through most banking apps. If you’re not sure if the bank you are using has this option , contact them. Most major banking institutions and banks offer the option of checking your check via mobile.

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