How to Get Phonepe Personal Loan Online

Firstly We Know What is PhonePe and PhonePe Personal Loan App

PhonePe App has an online payment mode. It’s 100% secure & ISO 27001 Certified. The app was released in August 2016. Also, it is a reliable online payment application and it has just been downloaded on the Play Store. It made life easier as if not to carry money and you can pay bills like electricity, phone bills, metro recharges, phone recharges, phone recharges, as well as you are aware of your bank details and many more things. Today’s time most people don’t know Phonepe Personal Loan and how to get loan on Phonepe within a minute so we provide all information about loans from Phonepe and the Phonepe Loan Process read carefully and get now.

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Now Let’s Go How to Know About PhonePe Personal Loan

  1. Loan Features
  2. PhonePe Loan Eligibility
  3. Interest rate
  4. Documents for Phonepe Loans
  5. How to Apply for a PhonePe loan Online
PhonePe Personal Loan
  • LOAN features: PhonePe loan provides many kinds of loans like home loans, Personal Loan, education loans medical loans, etc. The PhonePe loan process is very easy & also needs minimum documents. They also provide a 0% of rate for the beginning 45 days. I don’t think any bank banks provide a 0% of interest.
  • Eligibility criteria: Before applying for a loan, you have to make sure your age must be above 18. Your phone number & Aadhaar card must link to your bank account. Your CIBIL SCORE for the loan must be 700+ otherwise It will be difficult to get a loan.
  • INTEREST RATE: There is no interest rate for starting a 45-day Personal Loan on Phonepe.

But if you do not pay a loan under 45 days Phonepe Loan Interest Rate is 0.34%.
You get loan amounts from 5000 to 60000 only.

  • DOCUMENTS: There are not a lot of documents required for Phonepe Loan Apply.
  • Some documents required are:-
  • Aadhare card number links with the same number linked to a bank account.
  • Your pan card is required.
  • your Cibil score is more than 700+

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Fully Process to Apply for PhonePe Personal Loan with Phone Pe Loan Details

  • Phonepe Loan Process: The loan application process is online. There is not any branch or offline mode. PhonePe never calls you for a loan. You don’t need to do any paperwork and go anywhere.
  • Simply download the PhonePe app from the Google play store and provide the same number linked to the bank account to login phone pe loan app.
  • Now you need to install the Flipkart app from the play store and registered the same number with whom you had earlier registered in PhonePe
  • Then you need to submit all the details about yourself.
  • You need to do KYC on the Flipkart application because Flipkart is launched a phone pay application.
  • when your KYC is completely successful
  • Your credit amount will be credited to your Flipkart account.

So Download the Phonepe loan app & Get Personal Loan Easily. Click Here for More Update