No. 1 Reason to File Taxes if You Don’t Owe

Don’t you want free money? It may be the most ridiculous question ever, but it’s one that local and national governments probably ask when they have stimulus funds, rebates and other payments that end up going nowhere because the recipient never filed a tax return. These opportunities are the number one reason you should always … Read more

What Is Mobile Check Deposit? Mobile Bank Deposit

Everyday tasks can be completed anywhere and your banking needs aren’t any different. Although Direct deposit may be the most frequent option for the majority of checks you get, occasionally you’ll still have to send an actual check into your bank. It is good news that there is an alternative to do this without leaving your house. … Read more

How December’s CPI Numbers Relate to the 8.7% COLA

For the first time in more than a year, the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) should soon outpace the U.S. inflation rate. The question now is when Social Security recipients will finally catch up on inflation hits they took in previous years. CPI: What Does December’s Consumer Price Index Report Mean For You? Experts Weigh … Read more

Choose The Best Money Saving Apps of 2023

Knowledge Of best money saving apps

Technology’s solution to the common American problem of not having enough money is money saving apps. While 20% is the gold standard of thumb, it’s still a high goal for many Americans. Money-saving apps can help you save more in many ways. These include psychological motivation, automatic investing, better budgeting, and even automatic investing. These nine apps may … Read more

The Perfect 6 Things To Consider Before You Claim Benefits

In one sense, Social Security is automatic. You qualify for benefits through working and paying taxes, and when it’s time to retire, the Social Security Administration tells you the size of your benefit. However, treating Social Security passively like this means you aren’t likely going to maximize your benefits. By taking a few key factors … Read more